Inspiration: Julklappar del 1

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Jag tänkte försöka hinna med och publicera ett par julklapptips inför julen. Idag blir det lite extra fokus på hårda paket. Hoppas det ger lite inspiration.

Ryggsäck: Sandqvist, Bourbon: Woodford, Bourbon: Papa Van Winkles Family Reserve, Doft: Tom Ford, Doftljus: Byredo, Body Cleanser: Kiehl's, Plånbok: Sanqvist, Gryta: Le Creuset Dutch, Knivar: Global, Underbara dagar framör oss/ Henrik Berggren, Den döende detektiven/ Leif GW Persson

Tips: Brothers SS 2011

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Flera av de svenska kedjorna som MQ, KappAhl, JC och Brothers genomgår förändringar för tillfället. Vi ser inspiration hämtad ifrån amerikansk östkust till rivieran och hård japansk denim. En spännande utveckling att följa. Jag har efter en genomgång fastnat för två bilder från Brothers SS 2011. Skorna är inte i min smak men jag gillar jackan och de krämvita shortsen.

Intervju med Michael Williams

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Michael Williams driver sedan tre år tillbaka A Continuous Lean. En av USA:s mest populära bloggar och inspirationskällor för amerikansk stil, hantverk, mat och dryck. ACL har hunnit med fler spännande samarbeten bland annat tillsammans med J.Crew och Gant.

Photo by: Angelo Baque

My idea behind the blog, Industribolaget, was to tell the stories behind my favorite shirts, jeans, jackets and accessories. I believe that we all have one or two garments that we care about a little bit extra and we do that for a reason. Do you have a favorite piece in your wardrobe at home and why is it your favortie?


For some reason I always end up buying the same two or three things over and over. Oxford shirts and jeans and leather boots. I’m very consistent and boring. I do covet my old worn Barbour jackets more than anything though. The first day of fall when I can start wearing my Barbours again is a wonderful time for me.

Why did you start your blog? And how would you say it has evolved over the years?


I started the site at the end of 2007 because at the time there were no websites out there that truly encapsulated my personal style. I wanted something that would talk about clothing but be more than that. To cover food, travel, history and vintage stuff — all rolled into one. Because I couldn’t find anything like that, I thought I might try and do it myself. It took me at least a year to figure out what I was doing and how I thought things should mix etc.

In the almost three years I think ACL has changed in the way that I approach things. So the concepts are still the same, but the coverage is from a different angle. In the beginning I posted more but it would be stuff I found online. Eventually I figured out that it is better to go and experience something and develop a post from that (with my own photos etc) rather than just picking up images from one of the thousands of other sites that are focused on this same area. One other big change is the fact that I don’t cover much clothing anymore. I’d say it’s only roughly 20% of the content. Because I don’t think about clothes all the time. I’m more interested in an amazing leather producer or an amazing restaurant somewhere than a new sweater from a designer.



You blog a lot about American things. In your mind, what are the best American things when it comes to fashion, design, food and drinks? Can you list a few of them?


My love of American design is the focus on use. Workwear is the way it is because men used it and it evolved to fit needs and specific uses. That’s is my favorite part. American stuff is known most for being durable, not delicate. I like that.

What is your opinion on American vs European style?


I think that the style and sensibility in Sweden is the perfect mix between European and American style. Granted I have not been to Sweden (it is definitely on my short list of places to visit next year). But from what I see of the style coming from there, I really think that there is a strong relationship between our two countries aseptically. The two places that understand American style almost better than Americans are Sweden and Japan.



Do you know any Swedish designers or fashion labels?


Does Gant count?


I know Our Legacy of course. Dunderdon is another Swedish brand I like. My marketing company also does work for the Swedish outdoor company Fjällräven — which I think is a good brand. I follow your blog (Blogg!?) and learn about Swedish brands from there — which is cool. I really need to visit though.

You have done a few design collaborations already but what would be a dream collaboration/project for you?

I’d really love to do something —oxford shirts maybe — with Brooks Brothers. That would be one of my dream collaborations.

I have this dream to do a great roadtrip across America one day. If you can say one place/thing that I can not miss, what would it be?


The American West. The USA is a pretty diverse place and each different region has something to offer, but the American West is quintessential road trip material. The land is beautiful and all of the classic ideas of America are represented. I’m planning a trip through Texas and New Mexico next year. I’m hoping it will look like No Country for Old Men, without the murdering psychopath of course.


Min profilbild

Jag heter Samuel Garlöv. På kvällar och helger leker jag med den här högst personliga bloggen. Industribolaget är en blogg om allt jag tycker är extra kul i livet som mode, matlagning, cocktails, resor, hotell, böcker och magasin. Den är min hobby. Om du har några frågor eller funderingar så är du varmt välkommen att mejla

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